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If you want to be part of a vibrant and growing specialised Physiotherapy and rehabilitation practice than we want to hear from you!

We are currently seeking:

A Nutritionist who has the experience with those who have medical issues

and who would be willing to work specifically with clients who are needing support with:

1: Rehabilitation
2: Osteoporosis
3: Menopause
4: Weight management

You would be invited to join a small team of Physiotherapists and personal training instructors who will be working to support each individual to the optimum health that they can achieve.

For further details contact:  Sarah Baimbridge

We are also seeking a

Qualified Physiotherapist with Pilates for Rehabilitation Experience.
Ideally holds APPI qualifications 1,and 2. And would be proactive in gaining instruction in Yoga and Tai Chi

Please send a cover letter and CV to reception @ with “Application for Qualified Physiotherapist with Pilates for Rehabilitation Experience” as the subject line.