COVID 19 has been a difficult time for everyone.
During the crisis, we at the Banbury Private Physiotherapy Practice triaged and offered face to face emergency appointments or virtual appointments for those who did not meet the criterion for face to face or who preferred a virtual appointment with us.

We have extensively risk assessed the practices and now have full PPE measures in place to keep the community, you, your relatives , our staff and their relatives as safe as we are possibly able to do so.
It does mean that reception now has a screen and the teams are wearing scrubs and visors but we like the new look and hopefully you will too!

Physiotherapy is almost back on track and the massage therapists hope to rejoin us in July

To help you in the economic downturn we have reduced our prices for a month ( until July 31st) as a thank-you for coming back

Personally , I would like to thank all of those customers who contacted me by telephone, email or text to ensure that I was safe as a shielded person. Needless to say I continued to work, redesigning our website, working on new services, enjoying time to read and study, risk assessing the practice and as we can all say – ‘ enjoying some sunshine’. I would like to thank my team for giving me some of their time to review services and look ahead to a new business which will be launched soon

We hope you are all safe and well- and we look forward to keeping you as well as can be!