Complimentary therapies offered at BPPP include Reiki

Reiki is now available in Banbury at Banbury Private Physiotherapy Practice with a Reiki master, teacher and member if the Reiki guild.

Reiki is a form of therapy developed in 1922 by the Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui. The technique focuses on “Rei” the invisible energy often described as the “soul, spirit” and “Ki”, often seen as Chi or Qi that the “vital energy flow” that is believed to support and sustain all life.

Together Reiki is the transferring of this “universal energy” to the patient. Through the practitioner’s palms, using light touch over the clothing and non-contact techniques where appropriate. Reiki is a popular therapy for many people in helping with a range of symptoms.

You can book your Reiki session at the Banbury practice now.

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Mikao Usui believed that good health depended upon the Ki energy flowing freely through the body. Anything blocking this flow was preventing the bodies natural healing abilities, and they could manifest themselves as headaches, digestive disorders or on spiritual levels affecting your peace of mind.

Reiki aims to dissolve these “blocks”, and stimulate the bodies natural healing and promote a feeling of spiritual well-being. People have experienced improvements on a physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

Real Client Feedback . . .

Reiki with Tracie is a wonderful, relaxing experience which started with an aromatherapy back massage to take away stress and knots (optional but recommended!). The oils are individually chosen and blended together by Tracie to achieve maximum effect. The more traditional Reiki treatment then starts, while you lie with eyes shut relaxing and enjoying the peace.

I did not divulge my symptoms prior to my first treatment, but my breathing was noticeably less painful, as were my knees after a few days The overall improvement of well-being is hard to describe but stays with you for several weeks. I will certainly be going back for more!