yoga banbury teacher ready to start class

Yoga Banbury

Join one of our yoga classes at Banbury Private Physiotherapy Practise.

Our goal at BPPP is to get people moving and feeling great. Yoga is a fantastic way of building strength, flexibility and awareness to help prevent injury and support a recovery process.

No need to be utilising any of our physiotherapy services you can drop in and join a class (although we recommend you contact us and reserve your place).

Thinking about joining a yoga class in Banbury? Here are some benefits of joining us:

  • Physiotherapy guided classes. Our brilliant yoga teachers discuss their curriculum with our physiotherapist so that we can offer the best classes.
  • There are clear physical benefits to your flexibility and strength. With regular practice, you should feel improvements in respiration, cardio, circulatory efficiency. Depending on your goals you can use yoga to support weight reduction and improved athletic performance.
  • The mental benefits of yoga can be overlooked but many of our clients report a greater sense of calm, relaxation, and mindfulness. We have reports of this leading to reduced anxiety and even better sleep!

If you have any questions or would like to sign up, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Yoga Beginners Welcome

Because of our experienced teachers and different class schedule, it is possible for anyone of any yoga ability or experience to join one of our classes. As above, if you have any questions please contact us. If you have any specific health issues please raise those with your teacher before you start and they can help modify the practice or perhaps refer you for further consultation.

Parent and Child Yoga

Bring your child to a yoga class and experience the joy of a share yoga experience. Two new classes on a Wednesday at 10.00-11.00 and 11.30-12.30. Contact Us to check availability and to reserve your space.