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The Banbury Private Physiotherapy Practice believes that self management of your condition and continued fitness keeps you and your finances in check. The evidence shows that by undertaking exercise on a weekly basis, some life limiting, chronic and disabling conditions can be kept in remission.

In 2017, we opened a new wellness suite offering three floors of evidence-based exercise to keep you fit and in optimum shape both inside and out.

Each exercise is tutored by specialists with accreditation within their specialist field. Each tutor also undertakes continued professional development within health issues. They take the time to understand you as the client and your goals from the outset.

The rooms are large and airy, with gentle music and temperature controlled. We have a waiting area and a new quiet area with beverages coming in 2019.

We offer the following exercise programmes:


Tai Chi

This is an ancient Chinese martial art which is practised today in different forms for its healthcare benefits and social interaction.

It is most commonly taught as a series of low impact, slow, Physical movements that integrate the breathing and mindfulness to achieve a sense of balance, strength, awareness, inner peace and well being.

We usually practice it in a group format either inside or outside but we also offer 1:1 tuition.

Tai Chi has been evidenced to help with the following conditions:





Falls and balance issues

Parkinson’s disease

At the Banbury Private Physiotherapy Practice Ltd we offer three forms of Tai Chi

Tai Chi Chih : consists of 19 stand-alone movements and one pose. T’ai Chi Chih is not a martial art and does not require a level of physical fitness or coordination

Tai Chi Chen: Ancient Chinese Martial Art type Tai Chi suitable for those who have moderate fitness and are looking for a higher level of Physical fitness and coordination

Tai Chi British Academy: Consists of poses and movements in a flowing integrated manner. It does not require any level of Physical fitness and can be offered to those clients who wish to start in a chair and move towards standing balance.


Founded by Joseph Pilates, we offer classes from 12 years of age through to 100 years.

Each class has been designed to support different age groups, condition specific, Mums-to-be, new Mums (babies and dads welcome) and classes of progression.

The classes are Physiotherapy led and have an emphasis on getting each person to their optimum fitness level.

Personal Training

Our instructors hold classes specifically designed to support rehabilitation from surgery or trauma, and also recognised fitness classes such as bootcamp and body sculpt

Each class is held in a dedicated fitness room which is well equipped with free weights and space to move around to gain recovery of cardiovascular fitness.

The classes are held from very early morning through to evening sessions, plus 1:1 and 2:1 training is available.

Our instructors have worked within both the public and private industries and are trained to cater to specific needs and capabilities.


ClassLevel/TypeTime Instructor
Lower Limb ClassFor those who have had surgery or trauma to the leg. All levels welcome8.00 – 8.45Kieran
YogaVinyasa Flow17.30 – 18.30Abi
Pilates APPI (Physio led) Pilates17.45 – 18.45Jayne
YogaHatha18.45 – 19.45Abi
Pilates APPI (Physio led) Pilates19.00 – 20.00 Jayne
PilatesAPPI (Physio led) Pilates20.00 – 21:00Jayne
Personal TrainingBy requestKieran


ClassLevel Time Instructor
Pilates09.00 – 10.00Jayne
Meditation09.30 – 10.30Abi
PilatesAPPI (Physio led) Pilates10.15 – 11.15 Jayne
Tai Chi Chi Qi Gong11.00 – 12.00Mike
PilatesAPPI (Physio led) Pilates11.15 – 12.15Jayne
PilatesAPPI (Physio led) Pilates13.00 – 14.00Jayne
Yoga Vinyasa – Mixed Ability13.30 – 14.30Abi
PilatesAPPI (Physio led) Pilates16.45 – 17.45Jayne
Pilates APPI (Physio led) Pilates 18.00 – 19.00Jayne
Pilates APPI (Physio led) Pilates19.00 – 20.00Jayne
PilatesAPPI (Physio led) Pilates20.00 – 21.00Jayne


ClassLevel Time Instructor
Pilates All levels welcome17.30 – 18.30Jennie
Yoga All levels welcome17.30 – 18.30Abi
Meditation18.45 – 19.45Abi
Pilates All levels welcome19.00 – 20.00Jennie


ClassLevel Time Instructor
Tai Chi ChihAll levels welcome11.30 – 12.30Laurin
Core BlastHigh energy core training – suitable for those who already have good core stability and want an energetic workout18.15 – 19.15Kieran
1:1 Personal TrainingBy arrangement19.30 – 20.30Kieran


ClassLevel Time Instructor
Pilates Antenatal
All levels welcome17.30 – 18.30Jayne


ClassLevel Time Instructor
PilatesAPPI (Physio-led) all levels welcome8.30 – 9.30Jayne
Boot CampAll levels welcome10.00 – 11.00Kieran

For more details and to make an appointment or book a class
please contact Reception on 01295 257584