Health and Wellbeing

Sports and Health/wellness Nutritionist.

 How do we know we are truly well? How can we measure success in achievement of health and how can we manipulate health through changing one part of our routine to enhance daily performance and for some, sporting achievement?

A Nutritionist can translate your sporting and lifestyle goals efficiently to the optimum nutrient intake for you. This healthcare professional can help you choose the right nutrient and calorie intake to improve your daily performance, sporting fuels, improve performance, achieve a better recovery, gain strength and flexibility whilst losing unnecessary fat stores. Each diet is tailored to the individual and their needs.

A nutritionist can help sports professionals, menopausal women, post operative individuals or those of us who wish to feel well or support a chronic health disease matter.

Harry Samaras has gained qualifications of a BSC in Applied Sports and exercise Science and a further MSc in Applied Sports and exercise Nutrition.

Harry could help you by;

  • Increasing your metabolism
  • Reduce fat stores and gain muscle strength /tone.
  • Improve daily function through feeling more energy.
  • Improve sport performance.
  • Improve recovery time after exercise.
  • Assist with stress management through gaining more energy and feeling good about how you look and perform.
  • Engage with the reality of food products and how dietary intake can change your health state.
  • Optimize fuel and nutrient planning for sports competitions or disease management.
  • Improve hydration.
  • Reduce gastrointestinal discomfort through nutrient planning.
  • Assist with meal planning and menus.

What to expect when you visit Harry.

On your first consultation will take time to understand your issues, needs and goals. He will listen to your lifestyle and future aspirations. He will make note of your present health and sports state, your dietary intake, allergies and cravings and then undertake scientific measurements and tests to understand your body composition and any health factors which may need to be addressed.

He will

  • Provide a health screen.
  • Analyze your dietary intake versus your nutritional needs.
  • Create a specific nutrient recommendation and dietary intake recommendation.
  • Discuss a meal guide to tailor to your requirements assisting you with portion size, timings to eat/drink and food choices.
  • And for an extra fee, link you to our chef so that bespoke menus can be created chef to create bespoke menus to assist with a food choice which the family or partners can enjoy with you.

Further to your first appointment with Harry, he will enable future visits to measure your progress, making changes to your needs, reassessing and measuring body change, review your performance with exercise or daily routines and discuss future exercise platforms such as Pilates or PTI that enhance your body to achieve success.

We hope that by the end of your visits to Harry Samaras you will have achieved your goals, feel better about you, feel confident in what you eat and what effect that may have on your body and understand more about who you are and how you perform.