A selection of kind words from our clients

Over the course of many treatments we have been fortunate to meet a lot of wonderful people. We love hearing feedback from clients past and present. If you have anything to share about your time with us please share it with us.
Thank you.

My knee has been no issue since I’ve last seen you! I’m constantly running now with no issues so thank you very much! 

Just a quick email to say a big thank you for fixing my neck and plica and not to mention recommending replacing my mattress. I bought a beautiful handmade wool mattress with a gizillion pocket springs and it’s the best thing EVER!! Since sleeping on my med-firm Yorkshire bed I’ve not woken with an aching spine, pelvis or neck. You are a Genius. Thank you so much. 

I am writing to thank you for the treatment I have received from your practice.  After the last treatment I had it was the best I have been since the road traffic accident back in July 2018 . After the treatments I have had and with the exercises that you had set myself I genuinely feel that there is massive improvement in my condition.  After the last treatment on the 19/01/22 I had uninterrupted sleep for the first time since the accident. I believe if I keep doing the exercises I can manage to keep the discomforts I have had to indure since the said accident to a minimum or hopefully get rid of them completely

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for all you did for me.You we’re so patient and kind and worked miracles on my neck.

I really didn’t think I would….. but I made the whole 26 (and a half!) miles yesterday. Thank you!! Two weeks ago I was in so much pain after 12 miles I couldn’t walk any further.

Thank you Sarah

Thank you for the swift resolution of my pain. That’s all, just thank you.

At 36 weeks pregnant I was starting to really feel the strain on my back. A massage with Claire put everything right. I felt so much better after. Not just a relaxing massage treat, a pregnancy essential for all expectant mums! Amazing service in an incredibly safe and friendly environment.

Thank you!

Just another thanks. Wrist menders are thin on the ground so thanks for fixing mine.

Having had local massage therapy I decided to seek help from Banbury Private Physio massage therapist Claire. She understood how the tension in my neck and shoulders had caused some headaches and quickly found the knotted areas that needed attention. I was delighted that she managed to apply firm pressure rather than light touch beauty massage and came out feeling much better. I haven’t had a headache in days! I would definitely recommend and will be making a regular visit

I feel the pain has been lifted from my shoulders and the arm, you don’t realize how debilitating pain is.
Thank you very much for your very professional approach.

Many thanks for all your time today. Feeling much better.

I loved going to see the massage therapist at Banbury Private Physio. I am in the later stages of pregnancy and thought that having a regular massage would help my body aches and pains. It’s been amazing and now that they have teamed up with Neals Yard mother and baby products , I have re-booked for when they re-open in July and hope that I can have one luxurious massage before I become a mum.

We are so pleased with the improvement in our son’s back, he is fully back to all of the sports activities such as football and rugby. In March this year one of your Physios initially examined our son and immediately picked up that he had a serious injury to his lower back.We were advised us to get an MRI and as suspected he had a pars defect, she was correct!

We have a session with Kieran the personal trainer tonight and we’re happy to continue for a few more weeks if you feel it will be beneficial. Kieran has also been fantastic and he has noticed huge improvements in our son’s core strength and his posture. It has also improved his sport .
So a big THANKYOU to you and your team for all of your excellent care and guidance.

Amazing! I have reduced my Insulin from 100 units to 18 with Victoria’s diet advice. I feel trim, fit , lost aches and pains. I can’t believe it.

Not only did the doctors find time to listen to my concerns and needs, but were always prompt in returning calls for medication, advice, and most of all making sure I got to see the necessary consultant in Oxford.
If Sarah Baimbridge hadn’t been available at the start of my agonising journey, and over the past months, I believe I would still be in excruciating pain.

Just wanted to say a big thanks for fixing my calf just before my ski holiday. Skiing went great – no residual pain or problems – and I am back doing spinning classes. Thanks again!

After being recommended Sarah Baimbridge’s rehabilitation services, it was a considered decision, as each visit would consist of a 70 mile round trip. However I can say that it was the best decision I have ever made for my health & well being. Between rehabilitation from Sarah & Pilates classes, they have made a miraculous change to my posture, resolving pain and discovering problems that other’s had missed.

I visited Sarah after suffering severe pain in my neck, I was very impressed with not only the surroundings of the clinic but also the efficiency of the appointments I had. The timings of my appointments were excellent, always on time, and as I had to visit a number of times in my work time this made such a difference. I would highly recommended her services to anyone looking for physiotherapy

Professional, knowledgeable, and vastly experienced are the givens. Beyond that, Sarah’s friendly approach is entirely focussed on the specific needs of each patient and the requisite treatment designed accordingly.

Over the time I have been a patient of hers I have always felt special. I have laughed and cried, all whilst learning more about my specific problem and what I can personally do to improve the situation. Unusually, I have even done what I was told – I trust her judgement that much!

Sarah has always been there if I needed her, a metaphorical crutch, when I needed a physical one, a light relief in my darker moments, whilst at all times completely focussed on what I wanted to minimise my recovery phase.

Sarah is simply the best!

My Senior Consultant Neurosurgeon was complimentary about the physio treatment that I have received from you and I would also like to thank you for what you have done for me.

Thank-you so much for curing me. After nine months of crippling back pain, within days of starting to see you I was a new person. I have been blown away by how effective my sessions with you have been and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to everyone I meet! I only wish I’d sought treatment sooner. Thank-you so much for squeezing me in, assessing me so thoroughly and working so intensely to make sure I didn’t lose out on any more precious time with my new baby.