Banbury Private Physiotherapy Practice Price List

How much will it cost?

Below you will find a list of the prices for all the treatments and classes that we offer.

How do I pay?

• By card within the practice or over the telephone.

• BACS transfer

• Cheque payable to “The Banbury Private Physiotherapy Practice Ltd”

• Insurance: We accept all insurance companies except Vitality Health and Nuffield Health (though you can reclaim your fees according to the Terms and Conditions of your policy with them). The practice also assists with Medicash and some companies who reimburse receipted payments. If you are insured, please ensure that you have contacted your insurance company and have your authorisation code and membership details before booking.

Can I have treatment at home?

We are developing our domiciliary service bringing Physiotherapy to the homes of those who are unable to travel due to illness or disability. The cost of treatment includes a charge for mileage and travel time and we will travel within 30 miles of Banbury.

Discounted Rates

We offer discounted rates for workers in the 999 emergency services and the MOD, with proof of membership of the relevant organisation. Contact Reception for more details.


MSK Physiotherapy Assessment £55.00
MSK Physiotherapy Follow up £50.00
Domiciliary Physiotherapy /Home visit£65.00 plus travel expenses of 15p per mile
Physiotherapy Domiciliary /Home visit follow up£55.00 plus travel expenses of 15p per mile
Massage Therapy£45.00 for 60 minutes
£30.00 for 30 minutes
Sports Massage£45.00 for 60 mins
£35.00 for 30 mins
£65.00 for 90 mins
Personal Training
Personal Training1:1 £38.00 for 30 minutes
1:1 £48 for 60 mins
1:2 £60.00 for 60 minutes
Antenatal Services
Antenatal Massage (Specialist led)£50.00 for 1 hour
£45.00 for 30 minutes
Nutrition and Dietetics
1 hour initial dietary counselling appointment £80
Computerised dietary analysis (without face-to face consultation)£50
30min follow up appointment £55