Banbury Physiotherapy Services

At Banbury Private Physiotherapy Practice we offer a range of physio and wellbeing services.


At Banbury Private Physiotherapy Practice we offer a range of physio and wellbeing services.


Physiotherapy is a proven method of treatment for a variety of musculoskeletal disorders including sports injuries, workplace injury rehabilitation, aches, pains and lifestyle injuries.


This is the physiotherapy of the musculoskeletal system. It involves the treatment of muscles, bones, joints, nerves, ligaments, cartilage and spinal discs. It uses physical approaches that involve not only manipulation but manual treatments techniques and assessments.

Trauma Rehabilitation

We have patients referred to us that have been involved recently or in past trauma episodes. We provide assessments by and for doctors or other specialists. All with the aim of devising a programme with input from your own medical team to bring you back to maximum health.

Neurological Rehabilitation

We provide specialist services for the treatment of neurological disorders such as strokes, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, head and spine disorders. Stroke rehabilitation and other programmes help by re-educating normal movement. A neurological physiotherapist can help improve movement, coordination and dexterity with the aim of a functional pain free solution.

Pre and Postnatal Massage

Studies indicate that regular massage during your pregnancy works to support vitality, overall health, and the well-being of
you and your unborn baby.

We offer a medio-legal reports which can include intial assessment and on-going treatment analysis.
Please contact us for more information.

Other Services

Joint Replacement Packages

We offer joint replacement packages. If you have had or are considering total hip replacements, total knee replacements, partial knee replacements, shoulder replacements or other surgeries. Please contact us to discuss joining our rehabilitation program.

Sports Massage & Massage Therapy

We offer a range of massage therapy treatments to assist in relaxation, recovery, and prevention of injury.


The practice of yoga brings with it many physical and mental benefits. As part of our focus in Banbury, yoga help prevent injury as much as we see it supporting a healing journey. We hold regular classes with experienced teachers.


We use a modified approach to the original mat work exercises. All classes taught by qualified physiotherapists that are approved Pilates instructors also. Our group classes are limited to five people to ensure a high level of attention and development for all participants and levels.

Complementary Therapies

Complementary Therapies are a popular option for those looking to support their other treatments with BPPP. Many clients opt for a relaxing and beneficial therapy treatment as part of their on-going health and well-being.


You can book appointments for general podiatry for check-ups, concerns or treatments of such conditions as ingrown toenails, plantar fasciitis, arthritis, bunions and athletes foot or other complaints. An MSK podiatry assessment includes detailed medical history and gait analysis.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi incorporates the concepts of Ying and Yang, of opposing yet complementary forces. This mindful and ancient practice is designed to improve balance, strength and circulation as well as providing a low impact exercise option.


Reiki is the transferring of “universal energy” to the patient. Through the practitioner’s palms, using light touch over the clothing and non-contact techniques where appropriate. Reiki is a popular therapy for many people in helping with a range of symptoms.