Runners Blog: Update


Our resident distance running blogger gave us this update this week:

Well, I’ve done 2 horrendous 10k’s where it all went a bit wrong then last Sunday I did the Alcester 10k near Stratford and it went really really well I was the 12th lady and 6th in my class so dead chuffed.

Unfortunately, I did not make it through to the ballot for London 2016 so I have signed up to do it for charity. The charity I am doing it for is VICTA which is a charity that helps visually impaired and blind children and young adults. Having been blind in my left eye since I was 3 I think this is a great charity to help. I have not set up my charity page yet but as soon as I do I’ll email the link.

On a separate note the KT tape is working very well with the knee issue and has also helped with Ian’s Achilles tendonitis.

More information on VICTA can be found at