Welcome to Body Sculpt from Banbury Private Physio Practice.

Our lives are full of temptations, fad diets, and for many of us, the hours of 8 – 6 pm are not that active. It is all too easy to break those New Years resolutions to get fit and sometimes we just need kickstarting into action or perhaps our regime has stalled a bit and we need something to bump off that stubborn few kgs.

We have the perfect course for you. Sign up for Body Sculpt, Banbury’s exercise class & community at BPPP.

The ‘Body Sculpt’ program has been developed to get you back in your stride and ready for the summer.

  • Join us for professionally led exercise classes supporting all levels.
  • Receive a diet plan and tailored advice so you can eat healthily
  • Improve your fitness and develop long-term positive behaviour changes.

Get your body back in 12 weeks!

Space is limited to so call us to sign up now.

What is Body Sculpt?

Body Sculpt is a small group training and support course that incorporates a blend of kettlebell exercises which target specific fat stores, fitness focussed exercises, and agility drills. We use yoga to build power and flexibility with pilates featuring for core strengthening.
With professional support throughout, we perform measurements of hips, waist, chest, arms, and, of course, a weigh-in (gulp) every three weeks.
Our last cohort of clients lost significant weight, felt better about their bodies. Many signed on to take the class again, others used it to push on to new training goals.
cost :£280.00 for 13 weeks

This program is limited to ensure everyone can get the support they need.
Contact us now if you have questions or would like to sign-up.