BPPP’s body sculpt program should be your only New Year’s resolution!

Yes, we overate at Christmas. There is only so much chocolate you can get away with as “therapeutic”, only so much novelty booze that you can “just taste” and only so much turkey that you can sleep off.

But, once a year, it’s good for the soul! Right?

The problem is, as we approach the festive season, you suddenly realise that last years nourishing of the soul, expanded the belly and has stayed there!

January is full of keep fit commitments, fad diets, and tempting leftovers. All at a time when it’s miserable outside, and the credit card bills come through. Not a good time for making clear decisions about your future health, self and wellness!

So make the easy decision now! Sign up for Body Sculpt, Banbury’s exercise class & community at BPPP.

The ‘Body Sculpt’ program has been developed to walk you through the dark months, get you back in your stride and ready for the summer.

  • Join us for professionally led exercise classes supporting all levels.
  • Receive a diet plan and tailored advice so you can eat healthily
  • Improve your fitness and develop long-term positive behaviour changes.

Get your body back in 12 weeks! Starts 16th January.

Make a good decision (unlike at the Christmas party) and call us to sign up now.

This program is limited to ensure everyone can get the support they need.
Contact us now if you have questions or would like to sign-up.

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