Sports Therapy

A sports therapist is a recognised professional who provides a facet of healthcare management specifically targeted to those who have a sports related or soft tissue injury and is able to rehabilitate the client back to their levels of function, occupation and specific sport related performance and goals. They are often recognised as playing an integral part pre and post sport events such as running marathons, football, rugby and tennis events, by prophylactically managing ergonomical stresses and from this preventing future injuries.

Taya Buehler joined the Banbury Private Physiotherapy Practice in 2022. Taya qualified in 2020 with a BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Therapy degree and has a keen interest in football and field sport injuries. She also holds a gym instructor REPs Level 2 qualification.

Taya works alongside Sarah Baimbridge MCSP HCPC to enhance rehabilitation exercise therapy programs and work with clients to achieve their desired goals.

Taya uses not only exercise therapy and goal orientated programs to enable clients to regain their fitness and performance levels, she uses soft tissue and sports massage to gain targeted relief during her therapy appointments. She welcomes discussions surrounding sport performance and welcomes client video footage to understand the biomechanics of the clients body understanding where an injury or overuse stress may have occurred.

To book an appointment with Taya please call Esther on 01295 257584 or email [email protected]