Tai Chi Banbury

Tai Chi was introduced, as an ancient Chinese martial art and today is widely practised for its health benefits. Many forms of Tai Chi exist, but in Western culture, it is most commonly taught as a series of slow, gentle, low-impact movements that integrate the breath, the mind, and physical activity to achieve greater awareness and a sense of inner peace and well-being.

Tai Chi incorporates the Chinese concepts of yin and yang, which represent two opposing yet complementary forces described in traditional Chinese medicine.

Tai Chi Banbury is designed to strengthen and stretch the body, improve the flow of blood and other fluids throughout the body, and improve balance, proprioception and awareness of how the body moves. It may be practised in a group format or alone.

It has been investigated as a treatment for many clinical indications and outcomes. A wealth of systematic reviews of scientific data underpins the use of Tai Chi as a beneficial form of exercise although authors cautioned that firm conclusions cannot be drawn due to methodological limitations in the original studies and/or an insufficient number of existing research studies. At BPPP we have had clients find many benefits from their practise.


  • Improved neurological conditions
  • Better balance leading to fewer falls
  • Mindfulness and a sense of psychological well-being
  • Improvements in patients with Osteoarthritis.
  • Can be done with Hypertension as a low impact exercise

How Tai Chi Works

Tai Chi can be performed as part of a class or 1:1 with the instructor. The instructor teaches and rehearses each move with you until a fluid pattern of movements gently flow from one to the other. The movements are slow and purposeful with the body weight transferring with each step which endorses strength and assists with movement and balance. Whilst moving an emphasis is placed on mindful relaxation and breathing control enabling a sense of
calm assisting to loosen the joints and relax tension.

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