Health is not just about how we physically feel about ourselves. Good health incorporates how we feel about ourselves, how we perceive others feel about us and how we cope/process the ideas of that information sent.

Each one of us through life will touch into the issue of stress, anxiety, loss of self belief or self – awareness and occasionally this may manifest itself into a state of a lack of mental wellness or physical dis-ease.

I myself went through a short period of stress and anxiety which cumulated in a loss of body weight although my perception of what I imaged was very different from the real picture. Thanks to my friends who supported me through the very difficult time, whilst I still battle with a loss of recognition of my body image, I have coping strategies to remain well and able to assist others with pain.

The week of the 13th of May 2019 brings the topic of body awareness to the fore as we celebrate Mental Health week.

Body image issues can affect all ages, cause anxiety and at worse lead to eating disorders and Malnutrition (Over and under weight). Malnutrition causes secondary Physical disease, and this can become a long-term condition and affect the person for the years to come.

At the Banbury Private Physiotherapy Practice, we will be organising a late Summer weekend yurt retreat bringing yoga, Pilates, exercise classes and nutrition talks under the stars. In doing so we hope to promote safe exercise tolerance, nutritional wellness and start the journey to understand ourselves and how to cope with the world that we live in.

For those who wish to seek additional hep we are linked as a practice to the following support:

Kathy Warburton: Counsellor

Deborah Humphries: Life Coach

Abi Clayton: Yoga tutor and meditation classes

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During her career Sarah Baimbridge has been honoured to play a very small part in working alongside Dieticians and Nutritionists. Having learnt a small snapshot of their professional profile, Sarah has stepped back and researched the evidence of good nutritional support for those who have Osteoporosis, Diabetes Type 2 and need nutritional support to optimise on therapy programs during rehabilitation and the Menopause.
Sarah hopes to be able to offer this service to ongoing clients in May 2019

March 2019

The Banbury Private Physiotherapy Practice is delighted to be able to offer Corticosteroid Injection therapy clinics which also include Physiotherapy advice and exercise pathways after the injection. The practitioner prescribing and administrating the injection is a specialist Physiotherapist who has recognised competencies and prescribing rights under the parameters set by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy.

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February 2019

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