After having a professional Bike fitting session here at Banbury Private Physiotherapy Practice with Dan Boyd, Emma Hawkins a local GP and ex-professional Lacrosse player is competing in a Triathlon to raise money this weekend for Freddie Future. This follows on from Jurgita running in the London marathon for Freddie’s Future and Bone Cancer Research.

We would like to wish Emma and the team the best of luck with the race! With Emma’s adjusted bike it will allow for better power output without the pain she was experiencing prior to her Bike Fit. Please feel free to donate by copying the link below or type in ‘Freddie’s Future’ on the web.

Rarely do I feel swayed by the term cancer having been a sufferer myself , but recently i have been touched by the plight of a local chap in the community. Here is a picture of Freddie who was diagnosed with a Ewings Sarcoma aged 6 years old. He is now 9 years old thanks to the Medical fraternity, his family and friends.
Whilst Freddie lives he now has other issues due to the treatment to preserve his life and now struggles with pain when he tries to join in sporting activities or daily routines with his friends.
Education is challenged as the  schools feel the consequences of treatment may cause on site injury and this is a risk.
 For those of us who have had a Cancer diagnosis the bare truth is that the diagnosis impacts the person, their families , their social enjoyment and interaction. For an adult its tough but for a child , It robs them of just having ‘fun’ and lingers in the minds of the parents.
For more information on freddie please visit his site:
For my client who is running the London marathon tomorrow i wish you every success, we are behind you all of the way.For Freddie we will keep supporting.
For any one reading this news item- please look at Freddie Page and support the Bone Cancer Charity

Dan Boyd is an extended scope Physiotherapist who has worked within the world’s leading cycling teams as part of the UCI World Tour. His passion for cycling is channeled through triathlon, as a multiple ironman, winner of the south west three peaks and completing many extreme triathlons such as Celtman, The Three Peaks and Alpe D’Huez in recent years, he has now transferred this passion into Banbury Private Physiotherapy practice as he offers his expertise in video analysis Bike fit and prognostic (injury prevention services) for cyclists.

A professional bike fit can help improve your comfort , performance on your bike as well as reducing or eradicating injuries. Whether you are a novice, seasoned pro or anywhere in between, the benefits of having a properly fitting bike cannot be overstated. We have combined Dan’s knowledge with Gebiomized software Video analysis to achieve an unparalleled service.

We typically help cyclists of all levels who want to:

  • Optimise their position and fit on a current bike to maximise comfort and performance.
  • Provide a ‘Jig’ Bike fitting to purchase your Dream bike.
  • Address issues with injuries or injury prevention and give you confidence in your riding position

and working with Shipston Spokes we can help you Purchase a new bike and want to find the right geometry and set up before committing to payment. We have a Wahoo Kickr Bike Jig in clinic and provide unrivaled detail with the combination of Dan’s expertise and Gebiomized Video analysis software.

Contact our team to find out more by emailing [email protected] or call us on 01295 257584

Martin is a Canopy Piloting athlete (Skydiving and flying specialised parachutes) that competes in various events that tests his speed, accuracy, distance and freestyle canopy flying abilities.

Martin came to us at Banbury Private Physiotherapy after a skiing injury on Christmas eve 2022 that left him with a dislocated hip, fractured acetabulum (hip socket) and significant soft tissue damage. Rehabilitation started in France where the injury occurred but quickly got in contact with Sarah Baimbridge our specialist lead MSK Physiotherapist where initially advice was given and a combination of video calls and access to an online tailored physiotherapy plan. Once repatriated to the UK a combination of home visits and videos calls allowed Martin to go back to the sport he loves.

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