MSK Triage clinics brings Injection therapy and prescribing

March 2019

The Banbury Private Physiotherapy Practice is delighted to be able to offer Corticosteroid Injection therapy clinics which also include Physiotherapy advice and exercise pathways after the injection. The practitioner prescribing and administrating the injection is a specialist Physiotherapist who has recognised competencies and prescribing rights under the parameters set by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy.

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Instagram has come to the practice

February 2019

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Kieran Richards Personal Trainer

January 2019

The Banbury Private Physiotherapy Practice is delighted to announce the arrival of a new member to the therapy team.
Kieran Richards is a personal raining Instructor who has a wealth of experience in training 1:1 clients , class groups and working with members of the public who have a condition or complaint which is obstructing their fitness and life goals.
He will be developing our Cardiovascular fitness programs and condition specific classes getting you back to health- right in the heart of the town

Kerry Lloyd MCSP HCPC

January 2019

The Banbury Private Physiotherapy Practice is proud to announce the arrival of Kerry Lloyd MCSP HCPC.
Kerr is a Chartered Physiotherapist who has a Specialist Interest in Musculoskeletal conditions, holds Injecting and Prescribing rights and practices Medicolegal Exert witness practice.
She will be holding Physiotherapy clinics in the Banbury Practice on a Monday and Thursday days/evenings