It feels like such a long time since the news that we were facing a national crisis as a virus called Covid 19 hit our doorsteps. It could be said that this Covid 19  journey has been the toughest of all of my clinical years and yet the most challenging and rewarding.
Since that time we in health have soldiered up to the tasks of changing clinical access employing tele-health modalities, enhancing infection control regimes within clinic settings and introducing new ways of working to allow access whilst maintaining the health and safety of all stakeholders in the methodology of how and what we do.
Whilst we have  adapted to a changing world we find the practice is now in a very strong position to reach out to fellow colleagues  to consider joining us to bring our 2022 vision to practicality.
We are currently searching for an Occupational Health /MSK Rehabilitation Physiotherapist who would like to develop towards Medicolegal reporting, A Sports Therapist to assist with the development of a new an exciting service, A massage Therapist and/or a Complimentary therapist to support those who require additional ‘ hands on’ therapy and an additional administrative support for the Practice Manager.
I am very excited for the future of this small practice which really is offering Health in the Heart of the town