Bone Cancer Trust

Rarely do I feel swayed by the term cancer having been a sufferer myself , but recently i have been touched by the plight of a local chap in the community. Here is a picture of Freddie who was diagnosed with a Ewings Sarcoma aged 6 years old. He is now 9 years old thanks to the Medical fraternity, his family and friends.
Whilst Freddie lives he now has other issues due to the treatment to preserve his life and now struggles with pain when he tries to join in sporting activities or daily routines with his friends.
Education is challenged as the  schools feel the consequences of treatment may cause on site injury and this is a risk.
 For those of us who have had a Cancer diagnosis the bare truth is that the diagnosis impacts the person, their families , their social enjoyment and interaction. For an adult its tough but for a child , It robs them of just having ‘fun’ and lingers in the minds of the parents.
For more information on freddie please visit his site:
For my client who is running the London marathon tomorrow i wish you every success, we are behind you all of the way.For Freddie we will keep supporting.
For any one reading this news item- please look at Freddie Page and support the Bone Cancer Charity